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SFJAZZ presents the Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet – showcasing the talents of yet another talented member of the extraordinarily gifted Marsalis family.

There’s an argument to be made that Jason Marsalis is the most interesting musician in his illustrious jazz clan.

Jason Marsalis, the youngest of the illustrious New Orleans clan of musicians….defied long odds by racking up a singular set of accomplishments unequaled by his father….and his older brothers,

It’s one thing to stand at the crossroads of musical tradition and modern sound. It’s quite another to stand at this crossroads as the youngest member of the Marsalis dynasty.

by Howard Reich Chicago Tribune November 21, 2014 What else does drummer Jason Marsalis play? Vibes, and quite well. Listeners often think of Jason Marsalis first as Wynton Marsalis’ younger brother and second as a New Orleans drummer. But like his siblings – including saxophonist Branford and trombonist Delfeayo – Jason stands as a first-rate […]

The most immediately arresting aspect of last night’s performance….was the profoundly cool sound he summoned from the instrument before him

We were pleased to host the newly-minted Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet in the KPLU Performance Studio. The band played three original compositions

Not just vibraphone, but glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba and even tubular bells. The youngest of the remarkable Marsalis brothers plays them all….

“Jason represents what you want to see when you mentor somebody….In other words, at this point, he’s teaching me about drums.”

A river of New Orleans jazz music runs deeply through the Marsalis family.