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“brilliant ideas that sound as if he’s played them his whole life, but are really coming off the top of his head.”

Marsalis is at the top of his game on his new album, The 21st Century Trad Band, as a vibraphonist and composer.

This album showcases Marsalis’ command of the vibraphone’s melodic and percussive qualities, as well as the leader’s eagerness to share the spotlight with his fine collaborators.

Nice follow-up to last year’s winning release In a World of Mallets.

It’s clear The 21st Century Trad Band is a continuation of that chapter, and it’s full of those “brilliant ideas” for which the bandleader has become known.

There’s a spine of traditionalism here, to be sure, but Mr. Marsalis, leading with flair, keeps its gaze pointed forward.

it will make you want to just listen with your eyes closed so there are no distractions.

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Somewhere out there, Jelly Roll Morton is smiling