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Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet

by Leith Tigges
Where Y’At
September 22, 2014

I have to thank Jason Marsalis for introducing my ears to the brilliance that is the vibraphone. A clear talent, Marsalis is a NOLA native and has long been experimenting with instruments, often collaborating with fellow musicians and groups until finally taking the lead as an album star.

While each track on the album uses the some of the same instruments, Marsalis manages to create fresh beats for each song, giving the album a well-rounded feel and variety of music. However, if this album is one specific thing (other than good,) it’s most certainly jazz. With a vibraphone, piano, drums and bass featured on each track, the quartet offers plenty of smooth tunes for listeners to enjoy.

Born and raised in a New Orleans jazz family, Jason Marsalis has contributed his musical talents to the jazz audience of Big Easy, creating a cult following that is always eager to hear new material.

These tracks are relaxing and often ones you’ll find yourself snapping along to. While the vibraphone might be considered a bit of a risky attempt, Marsalis handles it with ease. Whether you’re an old fan of the vibraphone or a new listener like myself, you’re likely to enjoy the chill sounds that is Jason Marsalis and the Vibes Quartet; a group producing jazz sounds that the Big Easy can be proud of.