Welcome to my World of Mallets

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new and improved JasonMarsalis.com. This upgraded and redesigned website will be a much more interactive experience. The content from the previous site, such as photos, press, and biography, is included in the new site. What´s different is that Facebook and Twitter pages are linked on this site. There´s also a section with YouTube videos that feature performances with various groups, interviews, and other items. Also, a YouTube video will be featured on the home page every month. There will be more content to sink your teeth into on this website upgrade.

The big news is the release of "In a World of Mallets". It´s been a few years since the group has released a recording but the wait has been well worth it for the development of the music. To purchase this album, go to the STORE section of the website. As for this section you´re reading, blog postings will be taking up this space every few weeks. There will be commentary about music and other subjects.

Coming soon to this section will be liner notes about the latest CD release.

In the meantime, welcome to the new site. We hope you will enjoy this new web experience.